The speaker
Alexander has got more than 10 years of programming experience. He has spent most of them in Telerik/Progress as team/tech lead in various developer-oriented products. He is currently working on NativeScript and enjoying the open-source. He takes part in the Angular Sofia meetup as a co-organizer because he believes that after a long day of writing dirty hacks, the best way to spend your evening is talking about clean functions.
The talk
React-Angular-Vue Architecture Geek Out
React, Angular, and Vue are the three most popular front-end frameworks at the moment. In this talk we will take a look at the problems that they solve and why they make things so much easier for us. We will see how each of them implements specific concepts such as Dom Rendering/Virtual Dom and Change Detection. We will try to learn something new from each framework, without trying to determine which one is ‘best’.