The speaker
Dimo is a renowned university professor at Tehcnical University (TU) - Sofia and New Bulgarian University, as well as a lead developer at the VR lab at TU-Sofia and the VR & AR lab at Sofia Tech Park. As you can already see, virtual and augmented reality are major topics of interest for him, with him having several publications in the area: Stereoscopic visualisation of 3D worlds, Interaction with gestures in VR systems, Integration of engineering applications and systems for virtual reality. He is happily married and uses his spare time to go swimming, climbing, diving, and ice-skating with his 3-year-old son.
The talk
UI and interaction in virtual reality
This talk is a brief introduction to virtual reality, answering the following questions:
  • How do we place UI in virtual worlds?
  • How do we interact with the UI and the virtual objects?
  • What are the specialized interaction controllers?
  • How can we include voice recognition in virtual worlds?