The speaker
Anton is a passionate supporter of using tech in all things, with over 10 years of experience. He does programming, design, coordination and consulting for projects involving data. He’s very active in many open-source projects, primarily those that improve citizen life and citizens’ access to human rights. He’s an alumnus of the IVLP program of USA’s State Department and a frequent participant on round tables and working groups on the topic of e-government. He’s among the main contributors to the legislative effort for including open source, open data and agile methodology in Bulgarian’s e-government law body. He’s been awarded Darik’s “40 under 40”.
The talk
So, what exactly do you do?
A deep headfirst dive into the murky swamp of finding out what kind of people make the things we use all the time, on and offline. The concept of design will be our guiding light in the swamp. And just before we drown together in the depths, we will devote our last breaths to important considerations about the irrational in our choices. Let's see what's in the mind of a designer.